How To Choose the Perfect Milk For Your Coffee


If we are looking for the perfect latte or cappuccino drink or even seeking to make that perfect cup of regular drip, shouldn’t we also be putting more time and attention into using the best milk products in our coffee drinks?

Although some coffee purists may believe that adding dairy products to coffee ranks in the same category as the Seven Deadly Sins, others enjoy a little cream in their coffee and use it for a variety of reasons.

We add dairy to our coffee to provide nutritive value, including calcium and vitamin D.

Also, whereas coffee can sometimes be acidic and potentially cause stomach problems, putting some form of dairy in the coffee has a kind of “coating” effect, which tempers the potential for adverse reactions.

With so many options on the market today, it may seem overwhelming to decide which one is preferable.

But just taking a few minutes to educate ourselves on what is available will go far in improving the quality of our coffee beverages.

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