The Cafex Menu


The CAFEX menu is an eclectic yet balanced mix of diverse nourishing options, made of the freshest ingredients. Unlike most cafes, the food at Cafe Bliss does not come completely cooked and pre-packed (Ready to Eat). Final cooking is done on site so every menu item is fresh and allows for customization.

Our big sized Sandwiches are grilled to a state of Golden, Brown & Delicious.

At CAFEX we get Pizza’s always done perfectly, timeously and delicious. Lasagne and other dishes just as superb!.A great pizza experience at Cafex is important because it makes our Customers happy! Happiness is satisfaction.

What’s a Party without Pizza!



Big Fat Patty stuffed inside a Sesame Bun, along with a delectable spread and your favorite Burger Veggies.

once considered being a quintessential meal for Americans has today become a part of daily food habit for people globally. That’s because they are ready to eat, easy to get and can be eaten while working!

Our beverages are handcrafted using the finest ingredients, and all syrups and purees used are made with real fruit and do not contains any artificial flavors. Each beverage recipe is designed to allow for maximum customization by the customer.

Cafex has been offering a wide range of innovative products from premium coffees, pizzas, western food products.

Cold Coffee

Ice Cream

At Cafex we get Flavours that melt your heart.various types of Ice cream…what is your Favourite.

We have an overwhelming response from customers all around India, they love our fabulous foods and drinks. Our continuum efforts and approaches in making our product portfolio better will be ongoing.

We are passionate about innovation and research constantly for new flavours and new Mastani dishes that we can serve you.

We keep strict focus on quality and take extreme care on maintaining hygiene of our products, serve you with great warmth at our outlets.



Our handcrafted Shakes are blended with oodles of Ice Cream.Smoothies are a rich blend of Fruits and Yogurt.

Each beverage recipe is designed to allow for maximum customization by the customer.